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Serious about learning the Irish flute or tin whistle but don’t live close to a suitable instructor? With Blayne Chastain’s online training library for the Irish flute & tin whistle, you’ll have all the resources you need to take your playing to the next level - all for a fraction of the cost of private lessons.

Blayne Chastain holds a masters degree from the University of Limerick in Irish traditional music performance on the Irish flute and a bachelors degree from Berklee College of Music where he studied guitar. He is also Whistle & Drum’s founder!

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says Blayne...

“One of my passions is playing and teaching Irish traditional music on the Irish flute and tin whistle. This passion took me and my wife Deborah to live in Ireland in 05/06 while I earned my masters degree in Irish traditional music performance on the Irish flute from the University of Limerick. My online training library is the brainchild of a thought I had while living there.

Most of us don’t have the luxury of living down the road from an excellent Irish flute or tin whistle instructor. It’s one thing if you live in Ireland, New York, Boston or Chicago; if you live in the Netherlands or North Carolina, you’re mostly out of luck. My online training library bridges the gap by bringing my personal instruction to you through my website.”

Student Benefits
  • Lessons Centered Around a New Tune Each Week
  • Tunes Taught Both With & Without Ornamentation
  • Lessons Split into Multiple Chapters to Aid in Learning
  • Tunes Taught Phrase by Phrase to Learn by Ear
  • Sheet Music Available in .pdf Format
  • .mp3 Files Available for Each Tune
  • Student Discounts at
  • Beginning Courses for Tin Whistle & Irish Flute
  • Extensive & Growing Technique Libraries
  • Blayne's Personal Support
  • Student Forums
  • Your Suggestions Shape Future Lessons!
  • Optional Personal Video Assessments *
* Coming Late November ‘09

what students are saying...

Gene Milligan : Milligan Wooden Whistles : Denver, Colorado
I’ve made more progress with my whistle playing in the past 4 months of studying with Blayne and his online training library than in the last four years combined! His multifaceted, online approach is truly remarkable. He starts with the absolute basics and works you through the learning process, bottoms up, in a very orderly fashion. His covering of the ornamentation is especially helpful. I highly recommend this online training library to all aspiring tin whistle players!
Lauraleen O'Connor : Silver Springs, Maryland
The i-teach tin whistle and Irish flute lessons online are fabulous! The online lessons are far and away beyond a static DVD course - it feels like I have teacher live in my house with me! I am basically self taught on the tin whistle and the Irish flute. I had been considering taking some lessons but the $50+ per lesson was a bit steep. So, I struggled along on my own, developing bad habits and technique - until I found the i-teach online lessons! I especially like the easy navigation through the lessons, the clear and concise explanations, and the wonderful library of tunes (growing every week!) Blayne video-teaches part by part. Thanks, Blayne!!!
Scott Kale, M.D. : Chicago, Illinois
From my first (now long ago) interaction with Whistle and Drum, I have been unfailingly pleased with the intelligence, knowledge, materials and support of Blayne and his merry women! The tutorials Blayne have created for the whistle & flute are in this very high quality tradition.The intelligence and musicality of the lessons make learning accessible and rewarding. Blayne's approach takes all levels of player into account, so that no matter what the sophistication of the player, the lessons will enrich technique and playing satisfaction. The site is Highly Recommended. Thanks to Blayne for creating it, and beyond that, thanks for Whistle and Drum.
Andres J. Rodriguez : San Juan, Puerto Rico
In about a month I've learned technique, ornamentation and many Irish tunes from Blayne's tin whistle lessons online. His method is really easy to follow. Just watch a video as he plays a tune at slow pace and follow with your own flute/tin whistle until you memorize it. He also provides downloadable MP3 music files and music sheets. I'm thrilled to be part of Blayne's class and will recommend it to anyone seriously interested in playing the Irish flute or tin whistle.

Pssst. When our founder Blayne Chastain isn't playing the flute, he's flying for Cloudgate Aerial Cinematography in Colorado. Check 'em out!