Bruce Carver on Bodhran and Brad Dutz on Bones in New Series Black Sails

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If you enjoy the bodhran, bones, and pirates Treasure Island-style, then you'll love the premier of Black Sails on the Starz network, featuring music composed by Bear McCreary and performed by Bruce Carver on bodhran and Brad Dutz on bones. Check them out here recording the music for episode 1!Read More

"The Bodhran Song" with Colm O'Donnell

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A customer graciously sent over this YouTube video of "Fleadh Thír Eoghain" for our amusement a few weeks ago. Imagine our surprise to find Colm O'Donnell performing this in a pub!

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Whistle and Drum's Black Friday thru Cyber Monday Sale!

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Happy Thanksgiving weekend!

We hope that your Thanksgiving was filled with great food and great company, and extend safe wishes on Black Friday if you have planned to head out early to catch those sales.

This year, for the first time in Whistle and Drum history, we are hosting our own Black Friday through Cyber Monday sale. Save anywhere from 10-30% off on popular Irish whistles, flutes, bodhrans, and more through midnight on Monday, December 2nd. Come check it out!

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Bodhrán Playing... in Claymation?

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It is always fun talking shop with customers, and speaking about bodhráns and tippers with Steve Holloway this morning was no different... especially when he sent me a follow up email with an interesting YouTube video attached. This video has made my Monday much more interesting!

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Hedwitschak Bodhrán on The Tonight Show Last Night!

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Last night was a fun night for Whistle and Drum, as Art Bodhrán's Tineo was featured on The Tonight Show! Pete Korpela can be seen playing Christian's Tineo during Josh Groban's musical performance.

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